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Dog Lovin’ presents even more silly dogs to give you a chuckle. Check out more of the funny photos from The 100 Most Important Dog Photos Of All Time. Thanks to the BuzzFeed Animals Staff below for the great collection:

The 100 Most Important Dog Photos Of All Time

59. The Ultimate Cone of Shame

The Ultimate Cone of Shame

Why it matters: If this dog can survive this much shame, you can survive anything.

58. The Weary Traveler

The Weary Traveler

Why it matters: Because sometimes it’s OK to just give up and take a nap.

57. The Artist

The Artist

Why it matters: After failing baseball tryouts, this dog began to take art classes instead. Now his work lives in New York’s Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection.

56. The Fashionista

The Fashionista

Why it matters: Pat is bringing back circus chic whether you like it or not.

55. The Sliding Shakespeare

The Sliding Shakespeare

Why it matters: A lot of profane words were made up going down that slide.

54. The Most Unimpressed Dog in the World

The Most Unimpressed Dog in the World

Why it matters: Because sometimes things aren’t worth the hype and that’s OK.

53. Frisbee Mouth Dog

Frisbee Mouth Dog

Why it matters: This is an early protoype of the mouthguard, protecting dogs and football players around the world.

52. The Disappearing Act

The Disappearing Act

Why it matters: This dog proves the existence of a space-time vortex, accessible only to those pure of heart. He’s smiling because he sees all the beauty in the world us normals cannot begin to imagine.

51. The Sneezer

The Sneezer

Why it matters: This is the first dog to be featured in any sort of allergy medicine commercial.

50. The Birthday Boy

The Birthday Boy

Why it matters: Sometimes the simplest birthdays are the best birthdays when you’re with the ones you love.


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