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Check out our third installment of The 100 Most Important Dog Photos of All Time: The 100 Most Important Dog Photos of All Time. They will give you a little laugh to get you through the rest of the day.

Thanks Buzzfeed Animals for posting all these great photos.

79. The Saddest Christmas Elf

The Saddest Christmas Elf

Why it matters: He’s Jewish.

78. The Double Shotgun

The Double Shotgun

Why it matters: We’ve all be here.

77. The Surreptitious Shitter

The Surreptitious Shitter

Why it matters: This is actually an award-winning photo due to the dog in the background. The prize money was the center of a huge lawsuit, as the dog felt he deserved half. The lawsuit, Dog v. LIFE, set a precedent for all subsequent dog trials everywhere.

76. The Leaf Lover

The Leaf Lover

Why it matters: Shortly after this photo was taken, this pooch was inspired to invent the pumpkin spice latte. He now lives a lavish lifestyle in the hills of Los Angeles, where there is no fall.

75. The Strong Independent Dog Who Don’t Need No Man

The Strong Independent Dog Who Don't Need No Man

Why it matters: Uh, she’s a strong independent dog who don’t need no man.

74. The Pugtato

The Pugtato

Why it matters: Is it a pug? Is it a potato? These are the questions we have to keep asking ourselves.

73. The Adoption

The Adoption

Why it matters: Dogs and cats CAN get along, people! WE JUST HAVE TO BELIEVE.

72. The Pugumentary

The Pugumentary

Why it matters: This is the first time the pug and his corgi brother were left home alone. The corgi was fine but the pug insisted on documenting it Blair Witch style for the two hours their parents were gone. This is the only record we have of that fateful night.

71. The Shocked Lady

The Shocked Lady

Why it matters: Wait, did you just…? No, you couldn’t have. OMG YOU DID???

70. The Presidential Pooch

The Presidential Pooch

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