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Just as parents are proud of their children, dog lovers are proud of their dogs. No dog lover can deny that they like to show off and brag about their dogs. So, of course, we want our furry friends to look their best. This means keeping their skin and coat clean and healthy.

Skin and coat care not only keeps your dog looking great, but (more importantly) serves as a critical indicator of your dog’s health. Dr. Jeff Werber, DVM of ProSense Pet wrote an article that explains how important proper skin and coat care is and the role it plays in health diagnoses.


When performing a routine examination on a dog, one of the first things I look at is the health of the skin and
 With pets, as with people, you can learn a lot from first impressions. Skin is the first defense, and it functions to protect the body from infection, caustic substances, ultra-violet light, dehydration and temperature extremes. As such, it is important to maintain its health and fitness. A healthy coat is vibrant and shiny; healthy skin is a pale cream color.

Just as important, the skin and coat reflect the function of internal organs and systems and can offer clues and signals to 14126284527_dda4848ed4_zconditions that require medical attention. Skin and coat health are a vital diagnostic tool for determining your dog’s overall health and wellbeing.

So, although a healthy, shiny coat doesn’t guarantee good health, it makes it more likely that other systems are functioning correctly. Conversely, when an animal is truly sick and has immune deficiencies, one of the first places we notice it is in the skin and coat.

Read the rest of this great article at First Impressions Matter! Skin And Coat Health For Your Dog.

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