If You Thought Only Humans Were OCD, Think Again

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Often our furry companions have unexplained, ‘spastic’ behavior–it can be adorable, but also mysterious. Now scientists have determined that dogs really can suffer from OCD like humans! This goes to show how human-like man’s best friend really can be.

For the full article, visit OCD-Linked Canine Genes. Thanks to author Jef Akst from The Scientist Magazine online.


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Dogs can suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder just like some humans do, and now researchers have identified
 a genetic basis for their spastic behavior.

By  | February 19, 2014

Dog obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) manifests itself in a variety of telltale behaviors—incessant tail chasing and chewing, to name a couple. Doberman Pinschers, bullterriers, Shetland sheepdogs, and German shepherds all have relatively high rates of the anxiety disorder. Now, examining the genomes of Dobermans, researchers have identified four genes connected to the disorder in dogs, possibly leading clues for what to look for in the human genome. The work was published in Genome Biology this week (February 16).



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