Great Photos For Those Who Need A Laugh (Or Three)

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What better way to brighten your day than looking at charming pictures of our adorable furry friends? Check out some of these hilarious photos that BuzzFeed compiled as part of The 100 Most Important Dog Photos Of All Time.

Severe chuckling and/or laughing could occur. Need be, keep inhalers handy.  🙂 Here is Dog Lovin’s FIRST installation of:

The 100 Most Important Dog Photos Of All Time

100. The Marshmallow Dog

The Marshmallow Dog

Why it matters: It epitomizes all that is cute and right in this world. On a bad day, you can look at this glorious beauty and remember how awesome it is to be alive.

99. The Swinging Jowls of Glory

The Swinging Jowls of Glory

Why it matters: Thomas and Frankie were the first two basset hounds to complete a half marathon without any training. This is incredibly difficult for any animal, beast, creature, etc., to do. APPRECIATE THE GLORY.

98. The “Hey, Whatcha Doin’?” Dog

The "Hey, Whatcha Doin'?" Dog

Why it matters: Because, hey…whatcha doin’?

97. The Glass Face Dog

The Glass Face Dog

Why it matters: Dogs do this quite frequently, but this is the trendsetter; this is the first dog who did this (probably). And if he wasn’t the first to do it, it doesn’t even matter because he is THE BEST.

96. The Pugsplorer

The Pugsplorer

Why it matters: Pugs are often seen as being weak and afraid, but not Melvin. He braved not only wearing a LIFE VEST but he kayaked a good 10 feet away from shore. We should all strive to be as brave as him.

95. The Cowboy

The Cowboy

Why it matters: YOU TRY DOING THAT.

94. The Romantic

The Romantic

Why it matters: Before this dog, no one knew or understood how to love.

93. Raymond


Why it matters: This dog gave strength to all goofballs who wanted to mess up their family photo. Without him, 100% of family photos would remain 100% boring.

92. Doge


Why it matters: Uh, have you been on the internet?

91. The Shocked Dog

The Shocked Dog

Why it matters: This is live documentation of this dog taking in the world’s worst images so you don’t have to. Like the dog Giver. So brave, and now, so wise.

Stay tuned to Dog Lovin’ to see more posts showing The 100 Most Important Dog Photos Of All Time.


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