A Trick To Foil Your Backyard Escape Artist

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Having an escape artist for a dog can not only cause you stress, but can result in dangerous situations for your furry friend! Your dog could get injured, lost, or picked up by another person or animal control.

Check out this cool fence-line installation that will (1) keep other animals out of your yard and (2) keep your best friend at home and safe from harm. This article from DogTube gives you the link to the original fence-line pet protection system: the Coyote Roller, as well as the link to a do-it-yourself product from Canines in Action, Inc.


Help, my dog jumps the fence!  How to keep a determined dog from jumping the fence after it becomes a habit can be a bit of a challenge.  Since it is a self rewarding behavior, fence jumping dogs continue to test their wings to repeatedly experience the freedom and joy their exploration brings.

Obviously, this behavior is dangerous for the dog and panic inducing for owners.  Since many dog owners don’t like the idea of electric fences, and some dogs have learned to outsmart them, there is another humane alternative that may put a serious crimp in a dog’s fence jumping style.

Enter the Coyote Roller!

Coyote Rollers were invented to protect fenced pets and livestock from coyotes.  However, what can keep a coyote out; can also keep a dog (or cat) that likes to jump the fence in!

Coyote Rollers are long cylindrical rollers, made from stainless steel and aluminum that mount on the top of your fence with brackets.  Once installed, they’ll keep your dog in the yard and keep any fence climbing predator out.  They can be installed on nearly any kind of fence and are maintenance free.

They work by preventing a coyote, or in this case a dog, from getting a foot hold on the top of the fence when they attempt to jump over.  Since the dog’s front paws can’t grip the fence, they roll off and land with a thud in their own yard and are so effective, birds can’t even perch on them!

If your dog has wings and simply flies over the fence, this probably won’t work for you unless you raise the height of the fence.

Coyote rollers are an excellent solution for breeders or people who have kennels or dog runs since they protect dogs and puppies from coyotes as well as keep escape artists in.

There are a several companies online that sell and install coyote rollers, however, if there are also quite a few sites that give you step-by-step instructions on how to make one for yourself.


Featured Image from Exceptional Canine.


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