10 Things Dog Lovers Should NEVER Forget

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Here is a great list of things to remember, that show just how special you are to your dog. These ideas and images touched my heart, and really speak the truth from your dog’s perspective: You are your dog’s world.


Don’t ignore me for too long. I may only live for 10 to 15 years. It seems like forever when you’re away from me and it hurts my heart when I don’t know where you are.

Dogs are family

Thanks  Christina for the photo

Don’t throw me away when new family members arrive. They are my family too and I will love and protect them as much as I love and protect you.

Dogs are family

Thanks Lindsey Potter for the photo!

Don’t get mad at me when I jump up. I love you so much and sometimes I can’t help getting excited and wanting to give you a hug.

Dogs are family

Thanks Misa Way for the photo!

Don’t get frustrated and give up on me. I don’t understand your language, but I’m trying my best to learn. Give me time to understand what you want of me because all I want to do is please you.

Dogs are family

Thanks Natassa Kost for the photo!

 Give me comfort when I’m scared. I always feel better when I’m with you and it may just take a moment before I understand that new things wont hurt me.

Dogs are family

Thanks DogHeirs for the photo!

Trust me. I trust you with all my heart, so please trust me too. You mean the world to me.

Dogs are family

Thanks Kelly Charron for the photo!

Don’t be angry with me for too long. You have your work, your friends, your entertainment. I have only you.

Dogs are family
Thanks Kim for the photo!

Talk to me. I may not understand your words, but I understand your tone and body language.

Dogs are family
Photo credit: ChurchinPhotography

Let me know whenever I’ve done something right. Nothing in the world makes me happier. I can tell when you’re pleased with me and if I know what I’ve done to make you smile, you can bet your life that I will try and do it again. And again, and again, and again…

Dogs are family
Thanks jiuliana mckenzie for the photo!

Take care of me when I get old, just as much as you cared for me when I was a puppy. When I was young, you spent so much time cuddling me and touching my soft fur. My fur might not be as soft and I am no longer small, but my love for you has only grown stronger.

Dogs are family
Thanks Janet Woudenberg for the photo!

Special thanks to Dogs are Family for the great list! To see 10 more things that dog lovers should always keep in mind, visit 20 essential facts dog lovers must always remember. The last one comes with a tissue alert.



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